ETH Back Above $200 (as I Predicted)

Updated: May 19

Back in December 2019, I was quoted on my thoughts regarding ETH's price trend:

“Due to the recent drop in prices across the board, followed by a minor market correction, personally I believe that ETH will stay relatively stable around the USD$175-$185 price range. In the short to medium term, as the market slowly regains its momentum, I believe that ETH will grow back to the $200+ levels it experienced in mid-September. Further, I believe that the industry, in general, will likely reenter the bull market and prices will again grow next Spring, and in regards to ETH, I believe this will lead it to the $225+ range that it experienced last May, June, and July.”


I believe ETH is growing in response to the overall market push into digital currencies. BTC has also passed $8,000 USD, and has jumped to $8,700. I believe it will soon pass $10,000 pre-halving on May 15th.

Stay tuned for more updates and podcasts on this topic!


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