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Gensler's (Not So) Secret Crypto Bill

Updated: Jun 14

A new crypto bill is being proposed in the United States that could have significant implications for the industry. The bill, which has not yet been publicly released, is reportedly being spearheaded by Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to sources familiar with the matter, the bill would give the SEC more authority to regulate the crypto industry. This would include the ability to oversee crypto exchanges, as well as the power to require companies to disclose more information about their crypto holdings and transactions. This alone is interesting considering Gensler has repeatedly stated that crypto does not need any new regulations.

The bill is said to be a response to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and the increasing number of scams and frauds in the industry; even though, according to statistics, illicit trade is decreasing in the industry. Gensler has been a vocal advocate for greater regulation of the crypto space, arguing that it is necessary to protect investors and ensure the stability of the financial system. However, the proposed bill has already faced criticism from some in the crypto community. Many argue that increased regulation could stifle innovation and harm the industry. Some also question whether the SEC has the expertise and resources to effectively regulate the complex and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Despite these concerns, it seems likely that the bill will move forward in some form. Gensler has made it clear that he sees regulation as a necessary step for the crypto industry, and the SEC has already taken action against several high-profile crypto companies in recent months. It remains to be seen exactly what the bill will entail and how it will be received by lawmakers and the public.

However, it is clear that the crypto industry is at a crossroads, and the decisions made in the coming months and years could have a significant impact on its future.

Potential Implications of the Proposed Bill

If passed, the proposed bill could have a number of implications for the crypto industry.

  • Increased Investor Protection: The bill could allegedly help to protect investors from scams and fraud by giving the SEC more authority to regulate the crypto space. This could make it more difficult for scammers to operate and could help to recover losses for investors who have been scammed. I personally argue that the Bill would not inherently increase investor protection. The industry has already taken many steps to limit illicit trade and the SEC has already failed to protect investors from TerraLuna and FTX - giving them more power would NOT protect investors, but it would protect any other agendas they may have.

  • Stifled Innovation: Increased regulation could stifle innovation in the crypto industry. The crypto space is a rapidly evolving industry, and new products and services are being developed all the time. If the SEC is too heavy-handed with regulation, it could slow down innovation and make it more difficult for new companies to enter the market. The SEC has a history of stifling innovation and has repeatedly failed to properly regulate innovation costing the US millions of dollars, if not more, in lost innovation.

  • Fair and Equitable Regulation: It is important to ensure that any regulations put in place are fair and equitable. The crypto industry is a global industry, and it is important to avoid creating regulations that would put U.S. companies at a disadvantage to foreign competitors. Coinbase and others have already threatened to leave the US if proper regulations or regulatory clarity is not achieved soon. We are falling behind both allies and enemies in this race and Gensler's actions will undoubtedly put us much further behind.

The proposed crypto bill is a complex issue with no easy answers. It will be important to carefully consider all of the potential implications of the bill before it is passed, and Gensler's clear bias against the industry and innovation makes it hard to believe a positive outcome is on the way unless the "SEC Stabilization Act" is approved:

Thank you for reading; I'll see you in my next update!

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